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    Unique Sushi Rolls: Veggie Blossom

    Last updated 1 month ago

    rolling sushi maki

    Japanese cuisine combines fresh foods with delicious flavors to create an assortment of amazing dishes. That is why sushi restaurants are so popular among diners of all ages. These eateries are also popular among diners with a variety of dietary restrictions, thanks to their use of fresh and healthy ingredients. Many people may instantly think of fish when they hear the word “sushi,” but not every option features fish and many options are vegetarian friendly!

    We offer an assortment of vegetarian friendly rolls here at Sho Sushi, including our special Veggie Blossom roll. This sushi option features a combination of bell pepper, asparagus, and fried tofu. The roll is topped with mango, avocado, and our sweet spicy sauce as well as fresh shredded red radish and sesame seeds.

    Are you ready to try the Veggie Blossom roll? Contact Sho Sushi today! Give us a call at (403) 252-5199 to learn about our Calgary sushi restaurant and discover more of our amazing and unique sushi rolls. 

    Order Sushi Like a Pro with Help From This App!

    Last updated 2 months ago

    11-8-2013 4-56-45 PM

    Think about the first time you ate sushi. Did you know what you were ordering? Many diners experience difficulty pronouncing words and knowing what menu options they will like when visiting sushi restaurants for the first few times. Luckily, the SushiGuru app makes it easy to know what to say and how to say it!

    This amazing iTunes app features a large database of Japanese and English terms for foods you will find on sushi restaurant menus. You can search through the database to find the options you see on the menu and then hear how they are properly pronounced. This app also allows users to make notes so they can become sushi experts in the future.

    Use this app to help you learn how to order properly here at Sho Sushi. Get the directions to our Calgary sushi restaurant by calling us today at (403) 252-5199.

    Ginger: What It Is and Why It Is on Your Sushi Plate

    Last updated 2 months ago

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    Have you ever eaten at a sushi restaurant? You may have noticed a little more than what you ordered on your plate. When you order sushi, sashimi, or sushi rolls, you will receive a few accompanying items to make your meal as enjoyable as possible. This includes wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger. Use this guide to learn more about ginger before your next sushi meal:

    What is Ginger?

    When you see ginger on your plate in a sushi restaurant, you will probably see think, pink slices that have a shiny or wet appearance. But this is not how ginger always looks! Ginger is a root vegetable, meaning a plant produces the roots, which are then used in cooking as vegetables. This ingredient can be found in many different forms and is used in a wide variety of foods and drinks. Ginger is believed to offer a number of health benefits, a fact that has only increased its popularity.

    How is Ginger Prepared for Sushi?

    While ginger exists in many different forms, it is found in a pickled version when dining at sushi restaurants. This type of ginger, called sushi ginger or gari, is made from young ginger to provide the right taste and texture for diners. The ginger is first peeled and then sliced as thinly as possible. The slices are then placed in a mixture of vinegar and sugar and left to sit for a few hours. After this, the ginger slices are drained and served on the side of sushi dishes.   

    How Should Diners Use Ginger?

    Ginger is served as a palate cleanser for diners eating multiple types of fish or other sushi dishes. When you finish on type of sushi, gently pick up a piece of ginger with your chopsticks and eat it to wash away any leftover taste. This will allow you to experience the full taste of your next type of sushi.

    Sho Sushi offers a variety of tasty sushi, sashimi, and rolls. Give us a call at (403) 252-5199 for information about our new sushi place in Calgary.

    Udon Noodle Dishes to Enjoy at Sho Sushi

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Japan on map

    Noodles are commonly found in many different types of cuisines. These ingredients can be served on their own, in soup, and as a side for a heartier or more elaborate meal element. When you dine here at Sho Sushi, you can enjoy our tasty udon noodles in a variety of delectable dishes. Here is a look at the udon noodle dishes you can choose from during your next visit:

    Chicken Fried Noodle

    You will find much more than sushi here; we also offer some tasty comfort foods. Nothing compares to a bowl of chicken noodle soup, but diners are not always in the mood for soup. Get all of the flavor of this classic comfort food dish without the soup by ordering our Chicken Fried Noodle meal. This dish features juicy pan fried chicken mixed with noodles and served with fresh vegetables and a special sauce.

    Beef Fried Udon

    If you prefer beef to chicken, consider ordering our hearty Beef Fried Udon dish. We offer delicious pan fried beef mixed with our udon noodles. These noodles feature wheat flour and are thicker than other types, providing a more filling meal. The Beef Fried Udon dish also comes with a special sauce served on refreshing vegetables.

    Beef Udon Soup

    With the weather getting colder, you may enjoy a nice hot bowl of soup for your next lunch or dinner. Warm up while you enjoy a meal out with loved ones by ordering our Beef Udon Soup. This tasty meal features our pan fried beef, fresh vegetables, and udon noodles swimming in a hot and filling broth.

    Shrimp Tempura Soup

    True sushi fans that want to stick to their seafood routes when dining out can order our Shrimp Tempura Soup. Enjoy a hot and delicious bowl of broth featuring udon noodles, fresh vegetables, and our savory tempura shrimp.

    If you are ready to try one of these udon noodle dishes, plan your next meal here at Sho Sushi. Check out our menu by visiting our website or learn more about our Calgary sushi restaurant by calling us today at (403) 252-5199.

    Unique Sushi Rolls: Fire Dragon Roll

    Last updated 3 months ago


    Sushi restaurants provide delicious food and an inviting atmosphere, making them perfect for dates as well as meals with friends. If you are planning a sushi dinner with friends or a special someone, consider inviting them to Sho Sushi. We offer an enticing selection of appetizers as well as an assortment of sushi, sashimi, and popular rolls.

    Our sushi roll collection contains a variety of classics such as the California Roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll. We also offer special rolls to help our diners branch out and try new flavors. Our Fire Dragon Roll puts a few new touches on a popular roll to create an exciting and enticing meal. This roll is made with spicy tuna and cucumber and is topped with unagi, unagi sauce, volcano sauce, and crispy tempura crumbs.

    Try the Fire Dragon Roll for yourself. Sho Sushi is Calgary’s top spot for tasty sushi and much more. Contact us at (403) 252-5199 for information about our menu and specialty sushi rolls.

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